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Office 2019 Professional plus – What’s new?

Office365 is one of Microsoft’s flagships and is experiencing continued innovation year after year. Not everyone wants to pay for a never-ending subscription to using Office. Therefore, it is good news that Microsoft has updated the software for the purchase. The following article contains everything you need to know about Office 2019:

What is Office 2019?

Microsoft Office 2019 is a stand-alone local version (non-cloud-based, such as Office 365) of the Microsoft Office software suite. It’s a product release that can be purchased as a software once instead of having to pay an annual subscription fee to access it. That is, you only get one license to use it on a single PC, while a subscription to Office 365 lets you use it on a PC, a tablet, and a smartphone. This new release updates and replaces the 2016 versions of Word, Excel, and so on, and includes many of the new features that have been deployed to Office 365 users over the past three years.

When is Office 2019 available?

Microsoft Office is now available not only for business customers, but also for private individuals. Commercial volume license customers were able to preview Office 2019 before the official launch, thanks to Microsoft’s Commercial Preview program.

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What are the system requirements for Office 2019?

There is a big change here. On PCs you need Windows 10 for Office 2019; Microsoft will not support versions of Windows 7 or 8. As always, Microsoft will make 32 and 64-bit versions of Office 2019 available. For Mac, Microsoft will support the three latest versions of MacOS, currently MacOS Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave (10.14).

Office 2019 vs. Office 365: What’s the difference?

While Microsoft has remained relatively quiet about the peculiarities of what can be expected in the new Office 2019, many features have already been offered in Office 365, which has led to some confusion among customers.

Here is the main difference:

Office 2019 is a one time purchase and you will not receive any feature updates after purchase. Of course, you will still receive standard security and quality updates, but you will not be adding any new tools or features. You must use Windows 10 as the operating system to run Office 2019.

In contrast, Office 365 is a subscription-based service. Unlike Office 2019, Office 365 is supported by the Microsoft cloud and therefore has more collaborative and up-to-date features than the ongoing Microsoft software.

Microsoft has used much of its recent energy and attention in Office 365 in the cloud, but they have also realized that not everyone is prepared to make that transition. However, this perpetual software update is a great way for users who are not ready to go to the cloud to gain access to the new tools.

What has changed in Office 2019?

Microsoft has captured the interests of users by highlighting a few interesting features that we summarize below for you.

  • Advanced presentation features

Although PowerPoint is still one of the most popular and widely used presentation solutions, there are many others who see it as obsolete – especially with more sophisticated options. To remain relevant, Microsoft announced that it will integrate advanced presentation features into Office 2019. These include features such as advanced morphing and zooming capabilities that allow you to create a more sophisticated and dynamic presentation. These features are already included in Office 365 Pro Plus, but are not available to people who are currently working with Office 2016.

  • Stronger data analysis

When it comes to data management and analysis, Excel still has the upper hand. Office planned to take the software version one step further in 2019. Customers should expect even more powerful features, such as: For example, new formulas, new charts (such as Funnel charts and 2D charts), the ability to publish Excel to Power BI (Microsoft’s Business Analytics service), and enhancements to Power Pivot and Power Query. Needless to say, if Excel is your undeniable favorite in the Microsoft Office suite, you’ll be thrilled with the anticipated features of 2019 in your happy dance.

  • Improved color functions

Those using Microsoft Surface devices are probably already big fans of the digital pen, with which they can draw notes and doodles directly on the screen of their device. Office 2019 introduces all new color capabilities for all apps, including: For example, pressure sensitivity, tilt effects that adjust the strength of the ink depending on the pen angle, and even a pencil case that allows the user to save and organize their favorite pens.

  • Easier email management

If you are an Outlook user, publishing Office 2019 should not let you down. Microsoft has released several new features to make e-mail management easier.

According to Microsoft, these include:

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 groups
  • @ Mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Travel package cards

Microsoft hopes that these additions will help users to manage their emails far more efficiently and effectively. Office 2019 is packed with features for the end user and saves no value on the IT side either.

Will Office 2019 replace Office 365?

No. In a post to announce the software release, Microsoft points out that Office 2019 is a stand-alone software suite designed primarily for home users and businesses that do not have the Internet access required for the cloud-based Office 365 Many of the features included in the Office 365 versions of these apps are not included in their Office 2019 counterparts, especially in cloud-based and collaborative features.

In addition, Microsoft makes it clear that Office 2019 will receive periodic security updates, but will not receive any advanced feature updates, while regular updates every month will make Office 365 users aware of new and updated features. Office 2019 will not replace Office 365, and it’s not really intended. However, Office 2019 still plays a critical role, regardless of the application, and serves a portion of the Microsoft customer base that may have been neglected since Office 365 came into the limelight.

You can download this version as a much better version of Office 2016 and its predecessors: Office 2013 and Office 2010 .


It really depends on you and the needs of your business. If you work on a single computer and do not spend a lot of time sharing documents, Office 2019 is hard to beat. The purchase of a product brings advantages, because you can install your software and then be well prepared for the next few years.


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